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Dr. Beth Bazin, FCOVD at Bazin Optometry, P.C.
Board Certified in Visual Rehabilitation and Vision Therapy (FCOVD)
Family Eye Care and Vision Therapy in Kansas City, MO
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Success Stories and Videos
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Visual Rehabilitation and Vision Therapy with Dr. Beth Bazin

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Reading, Sports, and Confidence for Young Children

You began working on my eight years old son's eyes, Troy, and I realized I had some problems of my own. I used to get headaches when I was in front of a computer or read for more than 30 minutes. With the eye exercises, training, and the aid of glasses I can say that I no longer get headaches. The amazing thing about all this is that I used to own an excavating company and have never really read a lot, but you made me realize it was because my eyes had to work too hard.

Through your help and encouragement I can say with enthusiasm that I am now honored with the position of being a junior high school science teacher and you know how much reading and computer work I have to do now. It would have never been possible without your help!

Thank you for your passion for helping others.
S. B., 38 y.o., Lone Jack, MO

Thanks, Dr. Bazin. My eyes are so good now that I hit a home run and broke the fence.
B.F., 5 years old, Maryville, MO

Before vision therapy, when I read, I felt like my mind was a 4-cylinder engine. Now I feel like my brain is a V-8 engine.
K.B., 12 years old, Kansas City, MO

Before I started vision therapy, I always worked hard but sometimes didn't get good grades. After my first semester at Rockhurst High School, I had a 1.9 GPA and was suspended from the hockey team. After 4 months of vision therapy, I got a 3.1 GPA. I got back on the hockey team and was moved up to varsity. Vision therapy works.
Q.C., 16 years old, Kansas City, MO

When I started vision therapy I went into double vision all the time. When I read, I got headaches and read very slowly. At first, I thought vision therapy was a waste of time and didn't want to do it. Then I saw changes in my vision. I rarely went into double vision and could read faster with no headaches. Now that I have finished, I can say that I read faster than my 7 year old sister. I can get my homework done faster and reading a book is not a chore anymore.
E.P., 13 years old, Kansas City, MO

I have always been a fantastic sports player from soccer to swimming. When I was a kid, I would miss the ball sometimes when I thought I had kicked it. No one thought anything of it because I was a little kid and kids like that are not perfect. About five years later, my mom found out that the cause of my learning disability was my vision. I was playing lacrosse then and was not very good at catching the ball. At the end of the season after vision therapy, I was second leading 7th grade scorer in the league. I was electrifying on the field. My school work improved dramatically, too. About one and a half years ago I used to read about 130 words per minute. Right now I'm reading 480 words per minute and my comprehension went from 50% to 85%. While I was always good at math, I could never take a test and get 100% because I would occasionally switch numbers, which would ruin the whole problem. Next year I will be taking advanced algebra at Rockhurst High School. Vision therapy has helped my self confidence a lot.
J.S., 14 years old, Kansas City, MO

Dr. Bazin is the doctor who reaches into your mind, rips out the ability, and hands it back to you.
D.K., 15 years old, Lathrop, MO

To view a therapy session:

Dear Dr. Bazin,

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for all of your help!

Just to give you a little background, my daughter's teacher voiced a concern at the end of first grade. She had issues with reading, spelling, crossword puzzles, etc. She always had a ton of homework and was always the last one in class to finish an assignment. We took Elisabeth to an optometrist, and she was prescribed glasses. The next year she continued to have issues, and she was prescribed bifocals. The following year her sight still did not seem to improve. We went to an ophthalmologist who told us her eyes were fine, and she should not be using glasses at all. I voiced my concern that it seemed as though she was seeing letters from other words when she was reading. The doctor told me she may have accommodative insufficiency, but there was nothing that could be done for that; we just needed to hope that she would outgrow it. I decided to look more into accommodative insufficiency myself. I searched the internet and that is how I found you and hope.

During our initial visit, I purposely did not go into detail on all the issues that were going on, so I could get an unbiased opinion from you. I was impressed with how well you knew what was going on with my daughter. From the tests you knew exactly the kind of activities that were hard for her to master. At last I felt there was someone who knew what the issue really was and knew what to do about it.

With the therapy, I am happy to report Elisabeth is now getting A's and B's! Her homework is manageable, and she has time to go out and play. She still has a difficult time with spelling, I'm sure from all the years of seeing the words incorrectly, but we're working on it.

Thank you Dr. Bazin for helping Elisabeth move towards her full potential.
Lisa Pinkman

Dear Dr. Bazin,

I would like to thank you for all you have done that has led to the incredible improvement of Chris' eye sight.

When Chris was first diagnosed by another doctor, we were told that the vision in his left eye was 20/400. We were also told there was some hope for improvement, but he was already 4 years old, and there was little time to correct his problem. I went home and cried. After I got a hold of myself, I thanked God for the vision he had and got him into glasses. He hated the glasses and said they did not help. I wish I had payed more attention to his complaints, but I waited a while before taking him back for a check-up. During this exam the doctor had him look at an eye chart, and that was it. He stated there was no improvement and to start patching the eye. This was a very popular ophthalmologist. I was not impressed.

I went to an optometrist for a second opinion, without telling him about my concerns. He gave Chris a full eye exam. He said he would give me a prescription if that was all I wanted, but it was his recommendation that Chris get in to see a specialist as soon as possible. He believed that Chris' eye problem needed more than corrective lenses, and a more in depth exam would be the best course of action. He recommended you.

When you examined him, you lowered his prescription an incredible amount. Immediately, Chris could see a difference while using his glasses. He went to therapy for a little over a year. His eyes improved a great deal during that time. When it was time for Chris to have his eyes examined this past November, I called to make an appointment with you. I don't think I'll ever trust anyone else but you. Chris' left eye had improved to 20/40. No wonder he was complaining about his glasses again. Chris really could see without his glasses. He uses his new prescription while reading and doing homework but feels very confident without them while playing outside or just hanging around. We are so happy and thankful for his progress, and I have no doubt in my mind we owe it to the therapy he received at Vision Development. Thank you all so much!!!

With Sincerity and Appreciation,
Carrie Worth

Dr. Bazin,

I just wanted to share with you what a joy field day was for all of us this year. For the first time, Byron and Braxton seemed happy to be involved. They both did very well and it was obvious that there was great improvement in coordination, awareness of surroundings, overall self esteem, and enjoyment in athletics. Even their grandparents commented on the difference. The day was truly a positive experience for all of us, and I thank you so much for your efforts over the past year.

It finally feels like our boys are on the right track and the successful results of vision therapy are evident to us in many, many ways. THANK YOU, a thousand times, THANK YOU!
Carrie Jeske

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